Current Issues

Upcoming Legislation

Bill 022-446: Medical Marijuana Improvement Amendment Act of 2017

The Medical Marijuana Improvement Amendment Act of 2017 is a bill in the DC Council that would radically improve patients’ quality of life. The bill has 3 main aspects:

The bill will allow you to self-certify that you need medical cannabis. All you have to do is sign a form every year to renew your card. No more doctor visits.

Legal Delivery
The bill will allow dispensaries to deliver all of our cannabis products straight to your door.

Safe Use Facilities
The bill will allow dispensaries to open safe use facilities, where you will be free to use medical cannabis. No more living in fear of your landlord.

Issues Not Addressed By Current Legislation

Applicant Wait Times

Patients have to wait more than 30 days to get their medical card from the DOH. This is over 300% longer than patients right over the border in Maryland. Improving the processing times is a key issue affecting access for medical patients in DC.

Artificial Plant Count

Currently the DOH limits cultivators to only be able to grow 1,000 plants. There is no scientific or rational basis for this limit.

The plant limit makes it impossible to provide a wide variety of consistent medicine for all of DC’s medical patients. The limit should be completely lifted to greatly improve the care that patients receive.